Let's Do the Time Warp

October 19, 2019

Rocky Horror Picture Show fans wait all year for this cult classic film event. Addison's first outdoor screening of the offbeat musical is more than just a simple evening at the movies, it's an outrageous shared experience. Dress up, sing loud and play along as Brad and Janet stumble upon a curious mansion belonging to Dr. Frank N. Furter, then stick around for more music and fun. MOVIE IS RATED R. CONTENT IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.



The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not the movie to sit there quietly. You MUST participate! Bring your own props from home, or let us do the work for you and purchase a prop kit on-site. Kits will be sold for $10 but are in limited supply.
Credit cards accepted only.

Prop Kit Includes:

Rice- To throw as the newlyweds exit the church. (Don't worry about the birds, it's just a myth!)

Newspaper- For covering your head during the rainstorm.

Water Gun- To simulate said rainstorm.

Flashlight- Light the park during "Over at the Frankenstein Place."

Rubber Gloves- Snap your gloves in sync with Frank during the creation speech.

Noisemakers- Act like a Transylvanian and applaud Frank's speech.

Confetti- Throw confetti as Rocky and Frank make their exit.

Toilet Paper- "Great Scott!" it's the one time you can hurl toilet paper in the air without getting in trouble.

Toast- Throw into the air when Frank proposes a toast.

Party Hat- When Frank puts on his party hat, you do the same. Are you getting it now?

Playing Cards- "Cards for sorrow, cards for pain." Shower the park with cards!


Pack a picnic or grab a bite to eat from our variety of food trucks!

Just Encased

Street Bites: Food Truck

Taylor's Sweet Shop

America's Finest Beverage Catering will be selling beer, wine and more. A portion of their proceeds go to Adaptive Training Foundation, a training program for Veterans.

For questions about Let's Do the Time Warp contact us here!